Kipling Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center is committed to offering each and every client and their pet a safe, comfortable, friendly, clean, and happy environment. We want to be partners in the development and well being of your pet. Together we will personalize a wellness program that best suits your companion, and promotes a long healthy life.

What you can expect from us:
  1. A clean and sanitary facility to prevent spread of illness and disease.
  2. Friendly, compassionate, and professional staff.
  3. Knowledgeable doctors who will explain everything they are doing and give clear answers to your questions.
  4. A team that works well together and can provide competent care for your pet.
  5. We will educate you regarding your pet’s basic needs, stages of life, behavior and treatment plan.
Preparing for veterinary care and costs:
    1. Please be sure to call and update your file whenever you have an address or phone number change. This will help us communicate with you about your pet’s reminders and when they are here for treatment.
    2. When there are any changes in your pet’s health or behavior, please feel free to call us.
    3. Research Pet Insurance and decide if it’s right for you and your pet. Some policies can be very helpful when it comes to emergency situations or when a pet needs an expensive surgery or dental treatment. We want to provide the best care for your pet and pet insurance can help with costly procedures. Some will even cover routine charges such as wellness exams, vaccines and bloodwork.

  1. We also offer Care Credit and accept all major credit cards, checks (with a valid Colorado driver’s license) and cash.
  2. Owning a pet is much more than playing, snuggling and going for walks. You are responsible for your pet’s needs and well being. Sometimes unexpected situations happen that can be expensive. Therefore planning ahead for your pets care will provide financial stability in times of crisis and decrease an already stressful situation.

“They deserve the best”

so plan ahead and relax knowing you are prepared.