The links below are provided by Kipling Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center as a resource for areas of interest to pet owners.

Pet Insurance

To help recoup some of your pet’s veterinary expenses, you can enroll them in pet health insurance. There are several options available through several different companies, we have listed the links to a few of the main ones below. If you decide to go with pet insurance, it will depend on what plan you get, as to how much they cover and what the monthly premium is. No matter what company or plan you decide to go with, you are responsible for paying your pet’s charges at the time of services, and then submit a claim form through your insurance company for reimbursement.

10 Best Pet Insurance Companies (Not all insurance companies are represented. Contact us for more details).

Care Credit

We now offer the Care Credit payment plan. This plan is an alternative payment for services such as, surgery, dental or an emergency. Please note, it is a credit plan that must be approved by care credit. Please visit their website at:

Poison Control

Center for Disease Control

Microchip Look-Up

If you have found a lost pet that is microchipped and the number is printed on an identification tag, you may look up the owner’s information.