Playing hard in the play yard!

Our 5 star pet resort is quite deluxe. The feline and canine quarters are separate, so our feline guests are not disturbed by their canine neighbors and our canine guests are happy with their own neighbors. We provide all the essentials, including LOTS of love. If your pet is on a special diet, please bring their food and if you want to add that touch of home you may bring their beds, toys or other personal items.

It is veterinary supervised, making sure all our guests have a healthy, pleasant stay.

All pets must be up to date on their boarding requirements to help assure everyone stays healthy.

All our guests get extra attention!

If you want to schedule any procedures such as bloodwork, an exam, or a bath and brush while your pet is here let us know when making their reservations.

Please schedule reservations ahead of time as we tend to fill up, especially around the holidays. Our receptionist will be happy to give you a cost estimate for your pet’s stay and services at that time. Also allow about 10 minutes for check in/out.

Your Pet’s Accommodations

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