Veterinary Services
Kipling Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center offers a variety of services to promote your pets health


We strive to provide the highest quality diagnostics and treatment for your pet. Getting a detailed history from you, coupled with a comprehensive physical exam, allows our highly trained staff to formulate a plan ensuring your pets best care.

Aids to Diagnosis


An x-ray allows us to see things we can’t on physical exam.  Our state of the art, digital x-ray equipment minimizes the energy required to get the best images.

An x-ray image allows our doctors to diagnose the internal health of your pet.


Our complete laboratory includes parasitology (fecal exam and skin scrapings), cytology (cell studies), urinalysis, and blood cell / blood chemistry studies.  Our doctors and technical staff are highly trained and our laboratory diagnostic tools provide you and your pets diagnosis.


We have a complete pharmacy stocked with most all the medications, medicated shampoos, and other supplements your pet may need.


       If your pet needs to be hospitalized our staff will provide close and constant care.



Implanting a tiny chip under your pets skin allows quicker identification if they get lost. Every animal shelter and most veterinary hospitals across the country are equipped with the universal scanners that assist in getting you and your beloved pet reunited.

So they can be found.


Looking good is just one of the benefits of maintaining your pet on a regular grooming schedule. We all like it when our furry friends look, feel and smell wonderful,
but did you know many times a groomer can discover underlying health issues.

Click here for more information on our grooming services.


Our 5 star pet resort is quite deluxe. The feline and canine quarters are separate, so our feline guests are not disturbed by their canine neighbors and our canine guests are happy with their own neighbors. We provide all the essentials, including LOTS of love. Our resort is veterinary supervised, making sure all our guests have a healthy, pleasant stay.

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Jefferson County Licensing

All dogs over 4 months of age are required to be licensed in Jefferson County. The annual licensing fee is $20.00 for spayed/neutered, or unaltered dogs. We are an approved licensing location and can license your dog on the spot with proof of current rabies vaccination from your veterinarian, and proof of spay/neuter. For more information you can visit the Jefferson County Animal Control Website Here.

Humane Society Exams

We provide one free physical exam up to 10 days after you adopt a pet from one of our local humane societies. Any additional services, such as vaccines, tests or treatments are additional costs.

Health Certificates

When you are traveling and need a health certificate, our doctors can examine your pet and make sure all is complete so they are healthy and safe for travel. Note: When flying with a pet, please make sure you contact the airlines you will be flying with for specific requirements. Each airline may vary.

Leaving paw prints on our hearts.

Cremation Services

When the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved pet, we offer a few different options. You can elect to have your pet cremated with a private cremation service where you will receive your pet’s remains back in about 7-10 business days in either a sealed cardboard box, or a velvet bag. For an additional charge, you can choose an urn from our catalog. If you would prefer to not receive your pet’s remains back, you can elect to have a general cremation done.

Senior Discount

We offer a 10% discount off services for our clients age 65 and better. This discount is not available for food, medication, grooming or boarding services.

Care Credit

We now offer the Care Credit payment plan. This plan is an alternative payment for services such as, surgery, dental or an emergency. Please note, it is a credit plan that must be approved by care credit. Please visit their website at

Pet Insurance

To help recoup some of your pet’s veterinary expenses, you can enroll them in pet health insurance. There are several options available through several different companies, (VPI, Pets Best, ASPCA, and Trupanion, just to name a few). If you decide to go with pet insurance, it will depend on what plan you get, as to how much they cover and what the monthly premium is. No matter what company or plan you decide to go with, you are responsible for paying your pet’s charges at the time of services, and then submit a claim form through your insurance company for reimbursement.