Certainly, most of us including our pets enjoy travel and new experiences.  We all want to be safe and come home free of unpleasant or unsafe incidents.  Parasites and diseases occur in places that might surprise you like pet stores, parks, daycare, boarding, and grooming.  Pet waste, saliva, wet noses are all sources of infection.  Wildlife, unvaccinated, and sick pets spread disease in public locations.  Therefore, pets exposed to areas where other animals are have increased chances of illness.  Try to avoid direct contact with strange pets and their leavings.

Because your pets’ routines will affect their health, talk with your doctor at Kipling Veterinary about your pets’ habits.  Your veterinarian wants to where they have been and how they go through their daily lives.  Keeping your pet well will assure they are active and have as many fun experiences as they may in our lives together.